It has always been a major challenge for the producer to protect his crop from pests and plagues. For hundreds of years, farmers have been practicing natural, biological and chemical ways to protect their crops.

At BayAgro quality means everything. With over 40 years of experience our advice is backed with years of training from various multinational companies.

Our main focus is Crop protection and through the years we have become experts in this field. We provide solutions for pests and plagues as well as solutions for advanced plant growth. BayAgro does not use low quality, unregistered, expired or smuggled products. All our products are backed by various registered multinational companies. 

Thus giving you the peace of mind when getting products from us. 


BayAgro Christiana (Head Office) Zoutpansdrift, R708 Main Road, Christiana, 2680

BayAgro Jacobsdal - Plot B18 Jacobsdal, 8710

BayAgro Prieska - Hoofstraat 28, Prieska, 8940

BayAgro Vaalharts - Perseel 1D7A, Jan Kempdorp, 8550

BayAgro Douglas - H/V Cambell & Southey Straat, Douglas , 8730

BayAgro Upington - Perseel 379, Klippunt, Upington, 8806

Bayagro Marchand, 8873

BayAgro Bloemfontein - Speserylaan 7A, Kwaggafontein, Bloemfontein, 9301

BayAgro Bultfontein - Graansuierweg 369, Bultfontein, 9670

BayAgro Petrusville - Petrusville Straat 1, Petrusville, 8770

BayAgro Ladybrand - Princess Straat , Ladybrand, 9745

BayAgro Klippunt - Perseel 469, Klippunt, Upington, 8806

BayAgro Hopetown - Douglas Road, Hopetown, 8750

BayAgro Kroonstad - Reitz Straat 5, Kroonstad, 9499

BayAgro Frankfort - Plot Arlington, Frankfort, 9830

BayAgro Heilbron - Pleinstraat 49, Heilbron, 9650

BayAgro Viljoenskroon - Vastrap, Viljoenskroon, 9520

BayAgro Wesselsbron - Grossman Straat 45, Wesselsbron, 9680

BayAgro Bloemhof - Burgerrecht Straat 8, Bloemhof, 2660

BayAgro Brits - H/V Thabazimbi & Bethanie Road, Brits 0250

BayAgro Senekal - Fronemanstraat 17, Senekal, 9600

BayAgro Aliwal Noord - Cloebert, Lady Grey. 9755









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Zoutpansdrift, Christiana, 2680

PO Box 366, Christiana, 2680

(053) 441 3168 

(053) 441 2423

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Emergency Numbers

Tygerberg Poison Information Centre

021 931 6129

Red Cross Children’s Hospital Poison Information Helpline

021 689 5227

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